Virtual Classroom Course Descriptions

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ConnectNow Church Accounting

ConnectNow Accounting

Virtual Classrooms


CN-LP10 | ConnectNow: Ledger & Payables (3 hrs. + 30 min. break) - $150 per attendee

Web-based demonstration session covers initial startup activities and basics of transaction entry and reporting. Topics include beginning balance entry, vendor entry, bill and check processing, other transaction entry, transaction reports, financial statements. Also, user creation, permissions and other topics.

CN-PR10 | ConnectNow: Payroll (1.5 hrs) - $100 per attendee

Web-based demonstration session covers initial setup, employee entry, and Payroll processing. Topics include Pay Items, Paygroups, Deductions and Benefits, Account Distributions, Employee entry for lay staff and clergy, Payroll process steps, summary and detailed payroll reports.


ConnectNow Family Suite

ConnectNow Family Suite
Virtual Classrooms

Core Modules:

CN Family Directory | CN Ministry Scheduler | CN Offering & Pledges | CN Religious Education

Add-On Modules:

CN Intelligent Query | CN Tuition


Family Directory Courses

CN-FD10 | ConnectNow Family Directory: Basics (1.5 hrs) - $100 per attendee
PREREQUISITE for ALL ConnectNow Family Suite classes

Provides the foundation of the ConnectNow Family Suite. Learn how to add families and individual members (basic and detailed information), assign family and member envelope number, search for records, filter your list, set family information as private, and set your view preferences. Learn about the reporting both the standard and quick reports.

CN-FD20 | ConnectNow Family Directory: Sacramental Entry and Reporting (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

Learn how to add, edit, and enter information into a sacramental record. Also learn about sacramental record filtering and printing sacramental certificates. The last part of the class will cover sacramental reports within the ConnectNow platform.

CN-FD21 | ConnectNow Family Directory: Workgroups and Communication (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

Learn about creating family and member workgroups and adding editing or managing the families and members within the group. Learn about communications within ParishSOFT using the e-mail and mail merge functionality in ConnectNow Family Directory.

CN-FD22 | My Own Church and Administration (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

This class is for church administrators and covers Suspense Administration, Pictorial Directory, Giving History, and a view of how a parishioners will view the system. Also learn about the Managed Look ups, Parish System Setup and Parish Staff Management. Search and enter new organizations in the Organizational Directory. Add, edit, merge and set your display preferences of your Celebrants list.


IQ (Intelligent Query) Courses

CN-IQ10 | Intelligent Query: Basic (1.5 hrs) - $100 per attendee
**CN-FD10 and CN-FD21 are prerequisites
CN-MS10, CN-OP10, and CN-RE10 are recommended before taking CN-IQ10

In this hands-on class, you'll learn how to get the parishioner data you really need out of your database. It's easy, and you can do it謡ithout having to master any advanced database skills! You値l create lists that bring your data to life, export your lists to Excel or do a mail merge. You値l learn how to build queries for Family Directory, Offering & Pledges, Ministry Scheduler, and Religious Education.



Ministry Scheduler Courses

CN-MS10 | Ministry Scheduler: Basics (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

Learn how to create ministry groups, events and ministries; add and edit ministers; and create a basic ministry schedule using the manual schedule and auto-schedule functions. You値l also learn how to run some basic reports including a printed schedule, a list of ministers, and mailing labels.

CN-MS20 | Ministry Scheduler: Details (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-MS10 is a prerequisite

This class covers management of family and member preferences, how to set ministry preferences, enter vacation times or exceptions dates and serve together preferences within a family. You値l also learn how to use the minister directory's advanced features for sorting, filters, special needs, minister removal, temporary inactivation. Lastly, this class will cover some basic trouble-shooting steps to help get the schedule you need.

CN-MS21 | Ministry Scheduler: Family and Member Preferences (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-MS20 is a prerequisite

This class covers special events and discusses how to configure roles. Learn how to use the batch edit function to set preferences for multiple ministers. You値l also learn how to manage minister and member teams and the various setups and preferences available in the system. This class will also discuss how teams affect the scheduling, and how to find and correct any minister records that are not configured correctly.


Offering & Pledges Courses

CN-OP10 | ConnectNow Offering: Contributions Basic (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

We will cover the fundamentals of ConnectNow Offering. This includes creating batches, posting contributions, editing contribution postings, contribution statements, and batch reports.

CN-OP20 | ConnectNow Offering: Pledges (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-OP10 is a prerequisite

This class covers pledge management in ConnectNow Offering. You will learn how to create a batch for pledges, create the pledge record, and post payments to the pledge. We will also cover pledge statements and reporting.

CN-OP21 | ConnectNow Offering: Administration (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-OP10 is a prerequisite
CN-OP20 is recommended before taking CN-OP21

This class is for those who have administrative rights in ConnectNow Offering. We will cover funds, setting fund permissions, and creating correction batches. We will also cover audit and contribution reports.



Religious Education Courses

CN-RE10 | ConnectNow Religious Education: Basic (1 hrs) - $75 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

In this class, we will learn the fundamentals of ConnectNow Religious Education so that you may start to use the program. We will cover the configuration; adding terms, sessions, and classes; and managing your classes through the Bulk Class Manager.

CN-RE20 | ConnectNow Religious Education: Students & Leaders (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-RE10 is a prerequisite

This class focuses on the students and leaders in the ConnectNow Religious Education program. We will cover how to add, transfer, and promote students; how to add leaders; how to look up information about students and leaders from the Member Details screen in the Family Directory; the student directory; and some of the quick reports.

CN-RE21 | ConnectNow Religious Education: Class Details & Reports (1 hr) - $75 per attendee
**CN-RE10 is a prerequisite
CN-RE20 is recommended before taking CN-RE21

This class goes further in depth into the ConnectNow Religious Education program, covering the dashboard and all of its uses, more detailed information about the classes, how to enter attendance, some additional reports, and Religious Ed Online Registration through the My Own Church member portal.



Tuition Course

CN-TUIT10 | ConnectNow Tuition (1.5 hrs) - $100 per attendee
**CN-FD10 is a prerequisite

This class covers all functionality within the Tuition add-on for ConnectNow Family Suite. We will go over the setup process for getting started with the program. You will also learn how to create invoices, statements, and templates.


Online Giving

Virtual Classroom

Online Giving Course

OLG10 | Online Giving (1.5 hrs) - $100 per attendee

This class is geared toward church administrators and will feature instructions on setting up funds and other important system administrator tasks in Online Giving. Attendees will need to have already created their system administrator log-ins. This course is only offered to customers who have purchased Online Giving from ParishSOFT.



ParishSOFT Desktop & Remote Solutions
Video Lessons

Family Directory | Offering Contributions | Parish IQ | Religious Education | Time & Talent | Tuition


Family Directory Courses

FD10 | Family Directory: Basics (1.5 hrs) - Watch Training Video

Family Directory provides the foundation for all other programs in the ParishSOFT suite. Learn how to add family and individual member records to the system, assign family and member envelope numbers, find records, and keep member information private. Set up your parish staff in the ParishSOFT system.

FD20 | Family Directory: Family & Member Details (1 hr) - training video coming soon
**FD10 is recommended first

Learn how to manage detailed personal information for each member (like phone numbers, email addresses, and more). Add photos of families and members. Learn techniques that make family membership changes easy and keep your records accurate. Use family workgroups to organize and communicate with groups of all sizes.

FD21 | Family Directory: Intermediate Sacramental Details (1 hr) - training video coming soon
**FD10 is recommended first

Learn how to manage sacramental details for each of your members using the special fields for Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, RCIA, and Funeral. Discover how accurate sacramental data lets you take advantage of the software's sacramental notifications and certificate templates and provides reliable sacramental reports, parish statistics, and Kenedy reports--instantly and at any time.

FD22 | Census Reports (1 hr) - training video coming soon
**FD10 is recommended first

Learn how to create family and member reports and labels, including: parish census roster and family directory, member birthdays and anniversaries, filtered and sorted families and members, registration forms, and new families by date range. Discover useful applications for these reports in your church office. Learn how to export your ParishSOFT census data to a file for a third-party service provider.

REP30 | Reports In-Depth (1.5 hrs) - training video coming soon
**FD10, FD20, FD21, FD22; three months of Family Directory use are recommended first; and a working knowledge of Microsoft Access is highly beneficial

Review of standard reports and the tools available within the software to expand your reporting capabilities. A discussion of the organization of relational databases, filtering and sorting and ParishSOFT tables will assist in custom query and report building. The ability to generate custom queries and reports will also be covered.

Video Lessons


Offering Contributions Courses

OC10 | Offering Contributions: Basic (1 hr) - Watch Training Video

Posting contributions, creating and posting to batches and date range contribution reports.

OC20 | Offering Contributions: Intermediate (1 hr) - Watch Training Video
**OC 10 is recommended first

Edit/delete contribution postings (daily postings and edit contributions screens), managing batches (view batch lists, correcting batches, closing batches).

OC21 | Offering Contributions: Advanced (1 hr) - Watch Training Video
**OC 20 is recommended first

Parish Administrators adding, editing funds, setting fund permissions, advanced reports.

OP10 | Offering Contributions: Pledges (1 hr) - Watch Training Video
**OC10 is recommended first

Create, post and manage pledges and capital campaigns; create and print projections and reports.

Video Lessons


Parish IQ Courses

PIQ10 | Parish IQ: Basic (1 hr) - Watch Training Video

Learn how to get the parishioner data you really need out of your database. It's easy, and you can do it—without having to master any advanced database skills! Create lists that bring your data to life, print or export your lists to Excel, and create dynamic workgroups that make it easy to target communications to specific groups.

PIQ20 | Parish IQ: Intermediate (1 hr) - Watch Training Video
**PIQ10 is recommended first

This training video builds on the knowledge acquired in Parish IQ 10. You’ll learn how to build queries for Family Directory, Offering and Pledges, Time and Talent, and Religious Ed. Create email lists that serve all your parishioner communications. Get introduced to the more advanced features in the program, such as aggregate functions.

PIQ30 | Parish IQ: Advanced (1 hr) - Watch Training Video
**PIQ20 is recommended first

In this advanced training video, you'll learn how to use conditional operators, such as AND and OR, as well as subqueries in Parish IQ. This is the most advanced class that we offer.

Video Lessons


Religious Education Course

RE10 | Religious Education (1.5 hrs) - Watch Training Video

Set up a new school year. Session and class record maintenance and organization, including management of students and catechists in specific classes. Screen navigation, generating standard reports.

Video Lessons


Time & Talent Course

TT10 | Time & Talent: Basic (1.5 hrs) - Watch Training Video

Creating look up tables, managing ministry groups, using the scheduler, reports, and posting a ministry schedule to the web.

Video Lessons


Tuition Course

TUIT10 | Tuition (1.5 hrs) - Watch Training Video

Managing school tuition and/or religious education fees for billing, statements, posting payments, assessing late fees and reports.

Video Lessons