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Diocesan Subscription Manager

The Diocesan Subscription Manager easily manages all the needs of your subscription process as it works with your AIM diocesan database to maintain mailing lists and subscriptions. Because both share the same common database, family addresses are always up-to-date with the latest information received at either the parish or diocesan level.

AIM Subscription Manager easily manages complete subscription details, tapping into the common family census records used by all organizations in the diocese.

  • Manage gift subscriptions with simple tracking and reporting tools
  • Track multiple subscriptions bought or received by a family
  • Create subscription funds that correspond with your chart of accounts
  • Establish subscription types as needed for your publication
  • Record complete subscription details, including start/end dates, remaining issues, liability, and cost
  • Post payments directly to the appropriate family and subscription fund
  • Create organization-specific messages for your publications
  • Manage mailing and subscription lists and communicate with printers, subscribers, and parishes using powerful reports and export utilities
  • When used with Mailroom Solutions, save additional mailing costs with address certification and presorting through the U.S. Postal Service

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