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Diocesan Safe Environment Program Manager (SEP)

ParishSOFT SECEnsure ALL Clergy, Educators, Employees, and Volunteers are Properly Trained and Screened!

SEP is a secure, easy-to-use application that streamlines the safe environment process for everyone in arch/diocese. SEP tracks the specific safe environment requirements for each position and assigns responsibility for each step in the process as determined by the arch/diocese.

With its online interface, SEP supports your safe environment initiatives in all diocesan organizations—even those that are not using other ParishSOFT programs. Authorized users simply log in and look up an individual in the SEP system to determine quickly whether a potential employee or volunteer has passed the screening or training required for his/her position.

Uniting all diocesan, school, and parish locations into a single, secure SEP database eliminates costly redundancies, meets the recommendations of the USCCB charter for standardized data management, and gives you the ability to track the data you need to make sure no one "falls through the cracks."

"SEP Manager actually helped us stop a disturbed individual who was moving from location to location trying to gain access to our kids—SEP helps our parishes and schools communicate better with each other to keep our kids safe!”

—Renee K. Leach, Safe Environment Coordinator
Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls,
Sioux Falls, SD

"The ParishSOFT Safe Environment software has made our job easier. It offers a centralized location for the background screening information and when it comes time to generate a report, we now have a single database to go to, as the USCCB recommends."

—Director of Information Technology,
Diocese of Toledo

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