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Financial Consolidation Manager

Boost productivity, streamline management and promote transparency and accounting standards with the ConnectNow Diocesan Financial Consolidation Manager (FCM).

As the diocesan component to our ConnectNow Church Accounting Suite for parishes and schools, FCM gives your diocese instant access to the current financial data of all your organizations from the Web. Serving as a powerful command center for your financials, FCM provides dynamic financial roll-up from each organization, transaction detail drill-down, and the ability to perform accounting functions from your diocesan system for any organization.

ConnectNow saves your diocese time and money and offers complete reporting, so you can capture and analyze the financial status any individual organization (or any group of parishes and schools) at any time, for any period. FCM eases the burden of preparing cyclical diocesan financial reports for parish bookkeepers and business managers, too. And diocese who standardize on ConnectNow Church Accounting with the FCM module can eliminate the arduous process of compiling financial reports from parishes using many different accounting systems.

A true, browser-based Web application, FCM provides secure access to the system anytime, anywhere from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection - and there's no FCM software to update, ever.

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