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Duplicate Checker

Is your diocesan database filled with duplicate family records, either from your own records or from your synchronizing parishes?

Now you can use ParishSOFT’s Duplicate Checker at the diocesan level not only to remove duplicate records from your database, but to provide synchronizing parishes with the same cleanup—automatically.

Developed at the request of several dioceses looking for a way to ensure the integrity of family records across the board, this new Duplicate Checker feature comes with the added bonus of critical support from the ParishSOFT Professional Services team. They will work with you to analyze data and determine the best way to identify and mark absolute duplicate families in your diocese. For example, you could match records based on a combination of family name, address, ZIP Code, phone, member first names, and birthdates.

Once the match criteria are set, the software will intelligently and automatically merge relevant data elements from each duplicate family and/or member record into a “master record” and remove any duplicates from your database. Synchronized parishes will receive automated “Delete Notifications” informing them of merges and deletes, and their records will receive the same cleanup done on the diocesan data. And since Duplicate Checker is conveniently available right from the AIM Family Directory module, you can review and process duplicate sets as often as you like.

Duplicate Checker is available for purchase now with this new feature. If you are already using Duplicate Checker, the new feature is available as an update. Contact your diocesan representative for more information.

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