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AIM Diocesan Directory

A paper directory is outdated the day it is published. And the process to gather, update, identify, and remove duplicate names and contact information for volunteers and staff across the diocese can be laborious and expensive without the proper tools.

Now, imagine an online directory that is always accessible, up-to-date, and accurate. A directory that provides not only a list of persons and organizations, but one that exists as part of your core, central database, making communication across your diocese nearly effortless.

The Diocesan Directory gives arch/diocesan offices the technology to manage data effectively and to communicate quickly with parishes and organizations. With the most current information at your fingertips, diocesan offices no longer need to maintain separate contact lists and directories for the offices and people they need to call, write, or email. Communication is just a simple click away, whether by letter or email, to anyone in your Diocesan Directory, whether pastor, DRE, business manager, or Diocesan staff.

The Diocesan Directory manages the valuable data for each person, organization, and workgroup affiliated with the arch/diocese. The common AIM database means your diocese never has to enter new information more than once. The same records created at the parish of registration are available for assignments at the arch/diocesan level. A simple search reveals existing names and keeps duplicate records out of the system.

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