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Tired of spending hundreds of hours each year updating forms for the Kenedy™* Directory?
Process your annual updates in a fraction
of the time
with ParishSOFT.

"Save yourself a ton of administrative work, and let your software do the work for you." - Sandy Riesberg, Diocese of Des Moines

Catholic Directory Manager (CDM) is the fast, easy, ONLINE way to manage The Official Catholic Directory™* update process. Staff log in to your CDM website and update their information online using simple electronic forms. ParishSOFT even calculates all of the Kenedy statistics they’ll need, so they’ll get accurate numbers for First Communion, individual Catholic members and more in seconds. Forms are submitted online directly to the diocese, where they can be reviewed, sent back for adjustments, or submitted as final to the Chancellor’s office.

Parishes using ParishSOFT's church management software already have up-to-date staff and census data that they manage as part of their daily parish operations. Rather than manually preparing detailed paper forms and reports for the Directory, they can quickly and easily compile their census and organization data directly from their ParishSOFT databases. Using the Catholic Directory Manager, they update the data for the current year and submit their final report to the diocese online. Your organizations that are not using ParishSOFT can use it, too.

For more details, download the Catholic Directory Manager product brief.

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*The Official Catholic Directory and Kenedy are trademarks of National Register Printing, with whom ParishSOFT has no affiliation.