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Mailroom Solutions

ParishSOFT Mailroom Solutions provides tools that will not only help you keep your addresses clean and up-to-date, but provide you immediate savings on mailing costs.

Mailroom: Address Quality

Our Address Quality (NCOA) product not only allows you to keep your addresses clean and up-to-date, but informs you when your parishioners move. We return address corrections so that you may update your ParishSOFT records automatically. Even if you do not qualify for bulk mail this tool can help you to learn who has moved in the last 4 years allowing you to keep your mailing and active member lists up to date. For parishes that outsource their bulk mailing, the Address Quality product can be used to ensure the lists that you provide to the mail house are up to date. Any changes that are returned can be automatically updated in your ParishSOFT program.

Mailroom: Bulk Mailing

Our Bulk Mailing  product includes the CASS ™, PAVE ™ and NCOA functionality.  This product identifies and corrects invalid addresses so you save time, money and materials, while ensuring your parishioners receive parish mailings. The process will allow you to certify your mailing list easily against both the NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS databases to ensure that your family names match the address you have on file and the address is valid. 

The CASS feature adds the zip plus 4 and automated bar codes to all addresses and applies the required USPS Delivery Point Verification.  We return address corrections so that you may update your ParishSOFT records automatically.  The Bulk Mailing product also includes PAVE – everything you need to take advantage of the most economical postage rates available from the USPS, including printing labels or envelopes in order by the bundle and tray, just as the post office wants it, plus bar coded tray labels and forms for your mailing. All USPS forms are automatically printed.


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