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parish iq

AIM IQ (Intelligent Query) offers the simplest way to build queries, in plain English, from your ParishSOFT family, member and contributions data.

AIM IQ gives you exactly the data you need - in any combination - in seconds, using your live data so results are always current. Best of all, it is easy to use, so you can be as creative as you like in your data analysis without needing expensive consultants or advanced database application skills to get the information you need.

Are you spending hours searching for answers to questions like -

"Which families in the diocese gave $100 or more to the Bishop's Appeal."

"How many school-aged children are in our dioceses? "

"Which families gave to last year's appeal but did not make a gift this year? "

"Which members ages 15-19 have been baptized but not confirmed?"

Get the answers fast from AIM IQ! Whether you need a simple query or you wish to do deep data-mining using conditions and operators, AIM IQ is the key to gaining insight into the demographics and trends in your diocese.

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