Better Religious Education ministry with ParishSOFT.Less Administration. More Ministry!


With ParishSOFT's Religious Education

We keep your Catholic educational ministry organized, so you can spend more time connecting with families and building hearts alive in Christ!


Easy but Powerful Program ManagementEasy & Powerful Program Management

From class setup to registrations, tuition and everything in between, the Religious Education program keeps all the details of faith formation organized and efficient.


Single-Source RecordsSingle-Source Records

Because ParishSOFT is integrated, your staff can always count on having the most accurate census, sacrament, and student records at their fingertips.


Communication & Productivity ToolsCommunication & Productivity Tools!

Reach exactly the right group of parents, students, or catechists fast -- directly from your ParishSOFT program -- by mail, phone, text, or email (ParishSOFT integrates with your Microsoft® Office®, NotifyNow, and Constant Contact).


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More Features

Program Organization Timesavers

  • Create a complete class schedule for the whole school year and publish to your website.
  • Register students individually or in groups.
  • Track tuition billing, payments, and scholarships.

Accurate Information

  • Store full sacramental details as part of each child's permanent member record.
  • Track student, catechist, and lay minister formation over the life of the member.
  • Easily find children in families with different last names with quick searches.

Effective communication

  • Print populated sacramental certificates and exactly the reports your staff, catechists, and parents need.
  • Invite families to register for classes and update their family information using populated (or blank) registration forms, available in English or Spanish.
  • Follow up with families not enrolled in your program to make sure no child is left behind.
  • Keep in touch with any group or individual using integrated communication tools for email, mail, phone, or text messaging (automated phone and text service available through NotifyNow).
With faster and easier program administration, your staff can reclaim the time and energy needed to enrich your ministry and serve your students in more creative ways.
"We had multiple databases before, but this puts everything into one package. Right now we are registering students for religious education. We set up a class, set up a catechist and send the information out to families - by email or hard copy, whichever the record lists as best for them. It has a list of families whose children were registered in our program last year, along with their ages. If a family hasn't registered yet for this year, we can send out a reminder to them instead of having to go to every family in the parish."
—Elva Giuliani, Business Manager
St. Mary Parish • Greenwich, CT

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