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For Parish Staff


Have you ever needed to look up parishioner information from your smartphone? Accept an online registration from a new family? Let a member check the accuracy of his own parish record and make corrections . . . without having to fill out a form?

My Own Church lets you do all this and more!

Look up addresses or family member names and photos before visiting hospitals, homes, and shelters. It's a fast and simple way to better know your parishioners and provide a more enriched pastoral care experience.

My Own Church's self-service tools for parishioners help reduce paper, relieve administrative work and phone calls for staff, and get changes into your database faster, without the delays inherent to paper form processes. Plus, when family members are entering their own names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, you'll improve the accuracy of your census records (and entrust the spelling of things like "Székesfehérvár" and "Wojciechowski" to those who know best). Your parish staff can also use My Own Church to make quick updates to your census records.

For Parishioners

With My Own Church, members can register online, edit their own family or member information, add a new family member, upload a family photo, and more...without ever having to fill out a paper form. All member submissions must be accepted by your church administrator, but it's simple and fast, and there's no need to re-key any data into your software! If the submission is correct, just accept it directly into your ParishSOFT database. You can reject or edit a submission if needed, so you always retain control over the quality and accuracy of your parish data.

How It Works

Built on the fully mobile ConnectNow Web platform, My Own Church lets your staff log in from anywhere, on any device with an Web browser and an Internet connection. My Own Church is fully integrated with ParishSOFT’s ConnectNow and desktop Family Directory and AIM Family Directory modules. Accept a change submitted through My Own Church and it's visible everywhere that record appears within your ParishSOFT systems.

My Own Church is requires no special hardware or software. System requirements are version 3.7.11 or later of the ParishSOFT Family Directory, an Internet connection and a compatible Web browser, including the current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

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